Subscriptions To Appraisal Data Services
Do you feel as if the clock is running out on you while you search for comparables?  A subscription to ADS allows the user to quickly research commercial real estate market trends.  Be it comparable sales, rentals, income and expense comparables, or other data such as listings input by broker subscribers, a subscription to ADS allows quick retrieval of the data that meets your needs in the shortest amount of time possible.

Appraisal Data Service allows appraisers and brokers to pick their own subscription status based upon typical volume of usage of the data.  Appraisers typically are higher volume users than brokers and therefore pay a higher subscription fee.  Furthermore, since ADS is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the majority of the data on-line is from Tulsa County.  All apppraiser subscriptions are on a per person basis with the exception of clerical personnell in offices with more than one subscriber.  In those cases, clerical personnell have a separate account.

Appraisers get more data than brokers.  Appraisers generally must certify that they have seen the comparable sale or rental used in their appraisal assignments.  Cooperating brokers agreed to give ADS access to highly detailed information about leases provided ADS did not provide identifying information to brokers in order to protect the cooperating broker's interest in obtaining a release commission.  Therefore, broker subscribers do not get address, images, or other identifying information concerning verified leases.  Since certain appraisers must be able to certify that they have seen the comparable used within their appraisals, Class1 appraisers do get such information provided that they agree to not disclose it unless order to do so by a court or other regulatory body.

Those appraiser subscribers located within Tulsa typically use the service most and access the highest volume records.  As such, they pay the highest fees.  Class 1 appraiser subscribers in Tulsa County pay a monthly fee of $300 per appraiser within an office while those outside of Tulsa County pay a monthly fee of $175.  Class 1 appraisers are limited to those who have been subscribers for more than two years and are required to provide certain services based upon their own capabilities. Those services are individually negotiated.  Class 2 commercial apprasiers within Tulsa county pay a fee of $200 per month while those outside of Tulsa County pay a fee of $50 per month.  Low volume commercial appraisers (accessing 30 records per month or less on average) within Tulsa County are charged $50 per month while those low volume commercial appraisers from outlying counties access ADS data for a fee of $30 per month paid quarterly in advance.  For all subscribers or firms with more than one subscriber paying less than $100 per month, the fees are charged quarterly.  ADS does not tract detached single family sales since Sold Data Inc already does so.  However, to allow residential appraisers the ability to widen their practices, ADS does allow residential appraisers to access land sales, land leases, residential improved property sales and lease data and farm and ranch sales for $25 per month when the subscription is for a one year period ($300 per year).

For high volume brokers who wish to access data but do not wish to provide verification of their sales and/or leases, the fee is $100 per month for those in Tulsa County and $50 for those outside of Tulsa County.  For brokers who agree to cooperate with verification of sales and/or lease information, the fee is $30 per month.  For all brokers, the fee is paid quarterly in advance.  Appraisal Data Services also offers brokers the ability to display their listings over ADS's public access portal.  ADS can also provide hosting of broker web sites or coordinate access to their data on ADS through an existing web site.  These services are individually negotiated.

All subscribers agree to not use the data provided to circumvent a broker's listing.  Also, all subscribers agree not to sell data to outside appraisers.  In return, ADS agrees to credit subscribers one half of the fee ADS obtains from the outside sale of data placed upon the system by the subscriber.