Data#Net Version 3.0 is the software used by Appraisal Data Services to provide data to its subscribers.  Data is categorized into five general types: Land Sales, Land Leases, Improved Property Sales, Improved Property Leases, and Farm and Ranch Sales.  Within each property type, records are subdivided by Use Code.  They are also classified by status: Verified, Lead, Listing, Expired Listing, Pending, Physical, Survey, Clipping, and Unknown.  Access to the data is by subscription only except for listings which can be offered by subscribing brokers through ADS's public portal.

Data#Net allows for an unlimited number of subscribers to access data at the same time.  Also, each subscriber can be one of several classes of subscriber.  Management can establish up to five (5) classes of commercial and five (5) classes of residential appraisers and four (4) classes of commercial or residential brokers.  Management can easily determine the data cells that each class of subscriber is provided and can change what subscriber classes get without additional programming.  Management also can assign each subscriber input permissions.  Input permissions range from none, to Clerk, Editor, Publisher, and Manager.  Management can prevent a subscriber from being able to input records by declining to provide his the permission to do so.  However, if Management believes that it is in its interest to do so, a subscriber can be granted permission to input records as a Clerk.  The Clerk level of input is designed as a level at which someone new to the system and/or real estate appraisal or brokerage can learn how to input but not damage the input of others.  Such work can be reviewed by an Editor within the same office who can oversee the work of multiple Clerks all of which remains in a holding file until ready for publication.  When approved for publication to the active data base, the record can be published by the offices Publisher.  Once the record has been published, it can be retrieved for duplication or other edits only by persons from the office that originally input the record or by a Manager.  Brokers subscribers can choose to publish listings with additional restrictions: they can be published so that only members of the same office have access to them; published so all subscribers have access to them but not the public; or they can be published so that the records are available to all subscribers and through ADS's public portal or the marketing web sites of individual appraisal firms to others.

Appraisal Data Services invites other local appraisal and/or brokerage groups from around the country to license the use of Data#Net to establish other locally controlled data services.

To learn more about Data#Net, contact Adam Adwon, MAI, CCIM, at 918-742-7311 or Appraisal Data Services, P.O. Box 701884, Tulsa, OK 74170-1884.